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Our business

A`HEAD is an executive search & leadership consulting company. We assist clients with search/recruitment, personality assessments, leadership & team development and executive sparring and coaching.

We are partner with Hogan Assessments Systems, a world-leading provider of personality tests and psychometry.

Through our partner agreement, we can certify clients to use Hogan’s personality assessment tools.

A`HEAD is a member of the International Executive Search Association IMSA Search Global Partners.

What we do

A`HEAD assists the client in targeting, contacting and evaluating candidates for middle management, senior management and professional positions in the private and public sectors.

We carry out both pure search assignments and traditional, advertised recruitment processes. 

In addition, our expertise is often required when assessing and selecting leadership potential, evaluating existing leadership pool or as a final check of candidates.

Using Hogan’s personality tools, we can also create effective and accurate recruitment processes that our clients can carry out by themselves.

Explore personality by watching Hogan’s video, “The Science of Personality”