Our business

A`HEAD is an Executive Search and Management Consulting company, based in Stavanger, Norway.

We recruit candidates for executive and middle management positions, as well as professional experts.

We work in both private and public sector.

The consultants of A`HEAD have recruited, assessed and assisted managers since 1997.

Insight into the Managerial Mind

We are the only consultants in Norway licensed to use the Career Path Appreciation method (CPA). The CPA enables us to assess a manager’s ability to identify the critical factors that have to be addressed in a complex environment. For example, how does the manager handle the increasing uncertainty at senior management levels?

A`HEAD was also among the first to use Hogan´s HDS. This is a groundbreaking test which identifies managers´ potential derailing factors; “the dark sides”.


Dedicated. Professional. Confidential

A`HEAD is based in Norway´s Oil & Gas Capital. One of our key areas of expertise is the Oil & Gas Industry.

The partners of A`HEAD have a strong academic background and a long career within executive search and recruitment.

Working with us, our clients get access to our extensive international network. We are connected to search companies on most parts of the globe.

Our experience has shown us the importance of confidentiality and respect. These are key both in the interaction with candidates and in the cooperation with clients.

As consultants, we are conscious about our role as the client’s representative towards candidates.

Understanding the client. Knowing where to look

Before entering the search phase we need to get a thorouh understanding of the client’s needs. What is the business model? How is the culture? What is the strategy?

We do whatever necessary to achieve top research results. Therefore, our manual research work is backed up by research algorithms. Their quality is quickly improving. Currently, they are able to scan both social media profiles and job boards for candidates.

These are the steps in a typical executive search process:

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    Job analysis

    Understanding client business and culture, job tasks and critical requirements.

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    Targeted search

    Using our candidate network, research algorithms and our local and international contacts, we target and approach the most relevant candidates.

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    Pre-interview meetings

    Initial, confidential meetings with candidates. Client is not present.

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    First interview

    Client meets candidate for the first time.

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    Executive Assessment and Recommendation

    An in-debth Executive Assessment of the final candidates. This includes reference interviews and recommendation.


Maybe you would like us to know about you and your career?

Then you should register with the executive database NotActivelyLooking (NAL). It’s a free service, allowing us to search, track and observe your career progress. Registering also makes it easier for us consider you as a possible candidate in future searches.

Only executive search companies can access NAL. Your open profile is only visible to the executive search companies you actively select. No one else can see your identity.

Signing up is easy. Especially if you have a LinkedIn-profile for NAL to import.


Leadership potential. Strategic ability. Stress reactions

A`HEAD offers a comprehensive in-depth assessment based on psychometric tests from Hogan Assessment Systems.

  • HPI measures personality traits based on the big five model.
  • MVPI maps the candidates motivational factors and preferences.
  • HDS indicates personality changes undere severe stress (derailing factors).

In addition, a Career Path Appreciation (CPA) can be added. The CPA is a unique assessment of the candidate’s current and future ability to handle complexity and uncertainty.

This is an area where many executives fail. Their conceptual abilities do not match the complexity of the challenges they face.

Assessments are key in selection. And in other processes, too

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    Talent Selection and Prognosis

    We identify the full potential of young candidates. Who has the potential to be a future CEO? Who would do better opting for specialist roles?

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    First Time Manager

    The new leader is given a better understanding of how other people react to him/her. This enables the leader to make a swifter transition to a productive leadership style.

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    Mid Career Assessment

    Who has the potential to go to the top? Who has already come too far and ought to refocus his/her career to get back in flow?

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    Management Audit

    We map and analyze your management team, both the in-group dynamics and individually. How does the group function? Which qualities are missing? Are there any potential to-be CEOs? And who could start shining again if offered a job at a lower level?

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    Ask us about your candidates

    You have identified a few candidates, but need a second opinion. Then we will help you make your decision. Which of your candidates has the greatest future leadership potential and is the best fit for the position in question?


Are you about to apply for a position we are working on? Use this link to upload your CV and cover letter. Be aware that the EU data protection regulation requires us to delete old data. Therefore, we will delete your data after the hiring process is finished or within three years after registering.

Maybe you are also interested in letting us know who you are – over time? Please go to “Let us track your career”, further up this page, and create a profile. Doing this, you establish a long-term, close and fully confidential connection to us.

Having a profile, it is easier for us to consider you as a candidate in future searches. Therefore, you should do this even if you also apply for a position.


Understanding your organization first. Then developing it

You should know your organization well before making changes to it.

A`HEAD helps you to map the current organizational status. Then you will know what problemes may exist, and why they are there.

We will assist you in defining an approach to resolve them, and putting it into effect.

Executive Services

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    People Analytics

    A`HEAD can help you aquire aggregated data on the organization members’ personality, motives and dark sides. This data provides a profound understanding of the values, norms and competencies of the organization, and can be used to improve the organization in a variety of ways.

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    Leadership Development

    A tailored, individual process for managers who want to perform better as leaders of their team, as members of the management group or in their role as a specialist.

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    Increased share of women in managerial roles

    We design and implement tailored programs for businesses that want a more even distribution between men and women in their management. Following a cultural analysis, we address potential barriers like attitudes, gender stereotypes, incentives and differing preferences. We work with management communications (both the intended and the unintentional), and councel women who are in management postions, or who consider a management career.

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    Employer Branding/Organizational Value Development

    A restructuring of the external communication of an organization based on an analysis of the true values of the organization, as kept alive and expressed by the individuals working there. If necessary, helping organizations implement strategies for developing their true values.


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