Our business

A`HEAD is an Executive Search company that also performs leadership consulting assignments.

We are partner with Hogan Assessments Systems, a world-leading provider of personality tests and psychometry.

Through our partner agreement, we can certify clients to use Hogan’s personality assessment tools.

A`HEAD is a member of the International Executive Search Association IMSA Search Global Partners. IMSA helps our clients solve assignments in a number of countries.

What we do

A`HEAD assists the client in targeting, contacting and evaluating candidates for middle management, senior management and professional positions in the private and public sectors.

We carry out both pure search assignments and traditional, advertised recruitment processes. In addition, our expertise is often required when selecting leadership talent, evaluating existing leadership pool or as a final check of candidates.

Using Hogan’s personality tools, we can also create effective and accurate recruitment processes that our clients can carry out by themselves.

Explore personality by watching Hogan’s video, “The Science of Personality”


Search Beyond

The Executive Search industry doesn’t always investigate the soft skill context of the search being done. Which personal competencies must the onboarding leader bring forth to the C-suite team to make it perform better?

And, when the search is completed, the onboarding candidate is left to navigate into the new organization all alone.

Clients expect more. That’s why we developed Search Beyond™.

In Search Beyond™ we use Hogan personality assessment technology to understand the client and his management team better. We align our processes to assess the client’s real needs, thereby improving the quality of executive search. At the end of the search process, we accelerate the new executive’s performance using our “First 90 days™” approach.

Search Beyond™ process overview:



Maybe you would like us to know about you and your career?

Then you should register with the executive database NotActivelyLooking (NAL). It’s a free service, allowing us to search, track and observe your career progress. Registering also makes it easier for us consider you as a possible candidate in future searches.

Only executive search companies can access NAL. Your open profile is only visible to the executive search companies you actively select. No one else can see your identity.

Signing up is easy. Especially if you have a LinkedIn-profile for NAL to import.


Measuring individual competencies

Using Hogan’s competency model, we are able to use data from HPI, MVPI and HDS to measure commonly used personal competencies.

Thus, if i.e. “Employee Development”, “Decision Making” or “Managing Change” are competencies defined as critical, we can measure their presence. In the individual as well as in the organization.

Competency models have several advantages. First, when coupled with job analysis, the use of competencies ensures that organizations focus on job relevant behaviors. This increases the predictive accuracy of a selection system.

Second, competency-based reports present personality assessment results using language that is familiar to the client.

Third, they allow organizations to streamline their selection process by focusing on competencies that are important for a number of jobs, thereby allowing the organization to determine an applicant’s fit with multiple jobs at once.

Finally, they allow organizations to streamline interventions with existing employees, such as development/training efforts and performance assessment across departments and functions.

Assessments are key in selection. And in other processes, too

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    Second opinion

    You have identified a few candidates, but need a second opinion. Then we will help you make your decision. Which of your candidates has the greatest future leadership potential and is the best fit for the position in question?

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    Management Audit/Mergers & Acquisitions

    What leadership talent exists in the organisation? What about the company being merged with the existing one? Let us map the (two) culture(s) to help you understand the true potential of your executives. Thus, we can illustrate the potential downfalls or derailers for their careers. A project with us will enable the synergies that the merger is an attempt to generate.

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    In which occupations will I thrive?

    We assess your personality, interests and motivation and help you choose education (and professions) that will benefit you. Find out more at www.KanBli.no.

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    Talent Selection and Prognosis

    We identify the full potential of young candidates. Who has the potential to be a future CEO? Who would do better opting for specialist roles?

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    First Time Manager

    The new leader is given a better understanding of how other people react to him/her. This enables the leader to make a swifter transition to a productive leadership style.


Are you about to apply for a position we are working on? Use this link to upload your CV and cover letter. Be aware that the EU data protection regulation requires us to delete old data. Therefore, we will delete your data after the hiring process is finished or within three years after registering.

Maybe you are also interested in letting us know who you are – over time? Please go to “Let us track your career”, further up this page, and create a profile. Doing this, you establish a long-term, close and fully confidential connection to us.

Having a profile, it is easier for us to consider you as a candidate in future searches. Therefore, you should do this even if you also apply for a position.


4A – Our development approach

ALIGN: In all our processes vi align our methods, tools and assessments towards leadership expectations and cultural expressions. Thereby we secure minimizing alienation and speeding up implementation.

ASSESS: We map individuals and teams based on data from a comprehensive suite of assessment tools from Hogan®, illustrating strengths, quality of decision-making and leadership styles individually and in the team.

ACCELERATE: Onsite sessions with the team or on-boarding leader ensures focus and plans. Online performance measurement ensures implementation.

ANALYSE: All processes can be measured and analyzed. We focus on individual and team success parameters and measuring them before and after a process has been implemented.

Team & leader acceleration



First 90 days™ A structured high-impact leader effectiveness solution that takes a talented leader towards the best version of herself through an accelerated strategic self awareness developing process.


Team Effectiveness™ Our structured and flexible Team Effectiveness solution brings value by engaging team members and their leaders in a development journey striving for accelerated and sustainable team performance.


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