Executive Search

A`HEAD assists the client in targeting, contacting and evaluating candidates for: 

  • middle management
  • senior management, and
  • professional positions

in the private and public sectors.

We carry out both pure search assignments and advertised recruitment processes. 

Psychometric tools and in-debth interviews are used to understand candidates’ personality, motivation and dark sides.

Search Beyond – the optimal executive search process

In a Search Beyond process we assess the management team before starting the search. Using a team analysis tool and interviews, we answer the question: “For this group of individuals to perform even better as a team, what personal competencies may it need more of?”

Then, we know what critical, personal competencies to look for in candidates. Thereby, the quality of executive search is improved.

After finishing the search we use our onboarding program. This helps the new management team member getting quickly up to speed.

Such a process can easily be extended to a team development process. 

Agile Search – when time is important

Sometimes the client needs to get the position filled as fast as possible. For those instances we use our Agile Search procedure. Here, the team analysis part is removed and we start directly working on the job analysis/search. In other words, a more standard executive search procedure. Faster, but high quality all the way. 

Onboarding and team development can be added to accelerate the new leader and team.


Search process comparison:

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