Executive Development​

Executive sparring

This is a service for senior executives needing a confidential and trusted partner to air and discuss business related management issues, thoughts and ideas.

Matters adressed are typically those that may be perceived as problematic to ventilate with the management group, subordinates or board.

Contrary to coaching, such sparrings are more unstructured and direct to the core of the concerns which are on the executive’s mind. They can be personal or related to how the executive is to organize, manage, lead or turn around the business. Thus, consultants offered by A`HEAD for executive sparring are deeply experienced in business management and leadership.

Leader & team acceleration

First 90 days Transition to a new job is often the most critical period in a leader’s career. When leaders fail, their problems are often traced to things they did – or did not do – in their first months on the new job.

This program makes sure that the leader prepares well for the new job, learns and understands the strategic situation of the company, matches strategy to the strategic situation, focuses on securing early wins and builds an effective team.

Team Effectiveness We increase the team’s efficiency by improving ways of working and how the team collaborates.

The process design is tailored and adapted to the team’s needs.

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