Personality Assessments

Measuring individual competencies

Using Hogan’s competency model, we are able to use data from HPI, MVPI and HDS to measure commonly used personal competencies.

Thus, if i.e. “Employee Development”, “Decision Making” or “Managing Change” are competencies defined as critical, we can measure their presence. In the individual as well as in the organization.

Competency models have several advantages. First, when coupled with job analysis, the use of competencies ensures that organizations focus on job relevant behaviors. This increases the predictive accuracy of a selection system.

Second, competency-based reports present personality assessment results using language that is familiar to the client.

Third, they allow organizations to streamline their selection process by focusing on competencies that are important for a number of jobs, thereby allowing the organization to determine an applicant’s fit with multiple jobs at once.

Finally, they allow organizations to streamline interventions with existing employees, such as development/training efforts and performance assessment across departments and functions.

Assessments are key in selection. And in other processes, too:
Second opinion

You have identified a few candidates, but need a second opinion. Then we will help you make your decision. Which of your candidates has the greatest future leadership potential and is the best fit for the position in question?

Management audit/M&As

What leadership talent exists in the organisation? What about the company being merged with the existing one? Let us map the (two) culture(s) to help you understand the true potential of your executives. Thus, we can illustrate the potential downfalls or derailers for their careers. A project with us will enable the synergies that the merger is an attempt to generate.

Education and occupation

We assess your personality, interests and motivation and help you choose education (and professions) that will benefit you. Find out more at

Leadership potential

We identify the full potential of young candidates. Who has the potential to be a future CEO? Who would do better opting for specialist roles?


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