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Maybe you would like us to know about you and your career?

Then you should register with the executive database NotActivelyLooking (NAL). It’s a free service, allowing us to search, track and observe your career progress. Registering also makes it easier for us consider you as a possible candidate in future searches.

Only executive search companies can access NAL. Your open profile is only visible to the executive search companies you actively select. No one else can see your identity.

Signing up is easy. Especially if you have a LinkedIn-profile for NAL to import.


Are you about to apply for a position we are working on? Use this link to upload your CV and cover letter. Be aware that the EU data protection regulation requires us to delete old data. Therefore, we will delete your data after the hiring process is finished or within three years after registering.

Maybe you are also interested in letting us know who you are – over time? Please go to “Let us track your career”, further up this page, and create a profile. Doing this, you establish a long-term, close and fully confidential connection to us.

Having a profile, it is easier for us to consider you as a candidate in future searches. Therefore, you should do this even if you also apply for a position.